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Sponsoring a Candidate

Sponsorship must be viewed as a “total commitment’, not just a partial act of selection. Sponsorship means “to help” someone become more of a leader for Christ through the Tres Dias experience”.


As a sponsor, consider the following:


  1. Recognition that Tres Dias is not for everyone. Offering Tres Dias to someone comes only after I am willing to make a significant commitment to that person. If I am not willing to make that commitment, I should not sponsor them.

  2. Have I honestly looked at my reasons for sponsoring?

  3. Do I know the person or do I just know about the person?

  4. Have I prayed for guidance and sought council with other experienced Pescadores? Is this the right time for the candidate?

  5. How do I feel regarding sponsorship of this person’s spouse? If possible, the applications for married couples should be submitted together.

  6. Am I willing to make a significant commitment to my candidate?


Sponsors should support candidates on the Weekend by: providing transportation, praying for the weekend, providing general palanca letters to the weekend, a personal palanca letter to their candidate, offering to help the candidate’s family, providing a babysitter for children if needed, attending the closing and provide other needs that would be helpful.



The sponsor should recognize that a commitment is being made to the candidate by sending the candidate to Tres Dias. The sponsor should help new Pescadores to live the fourth day as it is presented on the weekend, by encouraging the new Pescador to join (or form) a Reunion Group and to attend Community Secuelas and a Secretariat meeting. In general, the sponsor should be responsive to the needs of the new Pescadore until the new Pescador is established in the Fourth Day.


Candidate applications must be submitted, online or by paper, no later than seven (7) days before the Send-off day for each weekend.


After your candidate is approved, you should receive a confirmation email with General Sponsor Guidelines for each cycle of the Weekend Phase: Pre-Weekend, Weekend & After Weekend.

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