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Sponsorship is a vital part of the Tres Dias movement, if the community is to grow spiritually and numerically. The only way a person may become a candidate is to be sponsored by a Pescador. Because sponsorship is a serious responsibility, the sponsor should seek God’s will and guidance through prayer as to whom to sponsor and be sensitive in approaching a potential candidate. As required for potential candidates, sponsors should be living a lifestyle becoming to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The sponsor helps prepare the candidate for the weekend, supports the candidate and their family during the weekend, and helps the candidate get the most benefit after the weekend. Equally important, the sponsor will be holding the candidate up in prayer during the entire process.

The Sponsor should recognize that a long term commitment is being made to the Candidate by sending the Candidate to a Tres Dias weekend. The weekend will not produce a permanent effect without Fourth Day involvement, and therefore, the sponsor should ‘sponsor’ the prospective candidate through all phases of the Tres Dias Movement, rather than just the weekend. The Sponsor should help the new Pescador to live the 4th Day as it is presented on the weekend, by encouraging the new Pescador to be an active and contributing member of a church body, by encouraging him/her to join or form a Reunion Group, attend Secuelas, and become involved in the local Secretariat. In general, the Sponsor should be responsive to the needs of a new Pescador until the Pescador is well established in the 4th Day.


Sponsorship must be viewed as a total commitment, not just a partial act of selection.

Sponsorship means to help one become more of a leader for Christ through the Tres Dias experience.  As a sponsor, consider the following:

  1.  Recognition that Tres Dias is not for everyone.  Offering Tres Dias to someone comes only after I am willing to make a significant commitment to that person. If I am not willing to make that commitment, I should not sponsor.

  2. Am I willing to make a significant commitment to my candidate Before, During and After the weekend? If I am a member of the team have I found someone to fulfill the sponsor duties during the weekend? (See Weekend Support below)

  3. Have I honestly looked at my reasons for sponsoring?

  4. Do I know my candidate, or do I just know about them? My candidate is at least 21 years old.

  5. Have I prayed for guidance and sought council with other experienced Pescador, if needed?  Is this the right time for the candidate?

  6. Do I feel comfortable sponsoring my candidate’s spouse?  (If possible, the applications for married couples should be submitted at the same time to assure placement of the wife on the next women’s weekend.)

  7. Have I discussed the suggested $120 donation with my candidate? (Sponsors are not required to pay for their candidate’s weekend but need to make arrangements for the payment by someone.)

  8. Is your candidate a Christian and has he/she accepted Christ as their personal Savior?

  9. Are they actively seeking a closer walk with the Lord?


As per the Essentials of Tres Dias, the candidate should:

  • be sponsored for participation in all phases of the Tres Dias Movement, rather than just the Weekend.

  • be sponsored by a member of a chartered Tres Dias community or a similar community approved by Tres Dias.

  • have a desire for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • be accepted from all Christian denominations.

  • be at least 21 years of age. However, if a local secretariat, using its best judgment, finds a sound and compelling reason (such as spouse of a pescador, or military personnel), it OCCASIONALLY, on a case by case basis, may accept a candidate who is at least 18 years of age.

  • have not previously made a Tres Dias weekend or a similar experience recognized as equivalent by Tres Dias.

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