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It starts with a seeking heart. You take a small step in God’s general direction. Then you stop. And wait. And hope.

Regardless where you are in your faith walk, growing closer to God requires some action on your part. Stopping to pray. Reading your Bible. Going to church. These are only some of the tools the Lord uses to answer the whispers of your heart.

Tres Dias is another of those tools. It’s a commitment to take a short break from the business of life to spend three days seeking God and listening to His voice in your heart. Tres Dias is a gift you give yourself...your own personal appointment with your Lord and Savior.


And for thousands who’ve gone before you, it’s made a life-altering difference in the quality and depth of their spiritual walk.  This is our vision for you.


Tres Dias weekends begin on a Thursday evening and conclude on Sunday late afternoon. For three days, you’ll join other participants, along with a team of servant leaders, to step away from the distractions of the world and into the Lord’s Holy presence.

Each weekend is bathed in prayer and relies on the Holy Spirit for leadership and guidance. Set apart for God, you’ll live, learn, pray and worship in community, while God speaks to you individually. Men and women attend separate weekends.


Each day, you’ll hear a series of instructional and inspirational talks that reveal how God has touched the speaker’s life in a deeply personal way. You’ll learn from their insights, struggles and triumphs as you reflect on your own faith journey. In small group discussions, key points from the talks will open your heart to the reality of God’s grace in your life.


The vision for a TDSETN started after several people from the southeast Tennessee area attended Tres Dias weekends in the North Georgia and Georgia Mountain communities. They desired to have a community in the area of Chattanooga, TN. The North Georgia and Georgia Mountain communities soon gave birth to TDSETN.


The first TDSETN weekend was held at the Camp of Colors in Dahlonega, GA, in August of 1996. TDSETN held two weekends a year until 2000, when we expanded to three weekends a year.

In the summer of 2002 TDSETN signed a lease for a property in Apison, TN, and renovation was started. The facility was given the name Apison Retreat Center (ARC). This renovation completed in the spring of 2006 and we held our first weekend at the new facility in June 1-4, 2006!

The Lord truly blessed us with this facility close to home. It constantly amazes us to reflect on the blessings God has poured out on our community.

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